Why you shouldn’t pick a cabinet design from a catalogue

There are a lot of things that you can confidently pick out of a catalog. Personalized stationery, DIY furniture, and dinnerware, for example, can be snapped up with nary a care, but flipping through a booklet in search of stellar cabinetry isn’t such a wise idea. There are many reasons why you should pick your kitchen cabinets with the help of a remodeling expert. Here are just a few, courtesy of Architectural Kitchen Designs in Stratford, CT:

Cabinets are a huge investment

Kitchen renovations can cost a pretty penny, and depending on the materials used, accessories, and installation, cabinets can account for a pretty big chunk of the final bill. For that reason alone, it’s smart to bring in someone who knows more about cabinetry than you do. Companies like Architectural Kitchen Designs staff a team of dedicated professionals that can lay out the pros and cons of each type of wood, help you debate the various finishes, recommend complementary hardware, and then create each piece to your specifications so the end result is nothing short of stunning.

Custom means control

If you need your cabinets quickly, don’t require any special sizes, and aren’t picky about materials or design elements, then stock cabinets might be just the ticket. If, on the other hand, you have the time and budget to prioritize aesthetics over convenience, cabinetry from a custom manufacturer will give you control over the finished product that you previously only dreamed of. From custom-built cabinets that fit into your kitchen’s corners perfectly to materials that suit both your design ideas as well as your lifestyle, going custom means choices.

It’s all a part of the bigger picture

Cabinets are so much more than just storage spots for all your kitchen goodies. They’re the focal point of the most frequently used room in the house, they comprise the majority of any custom kitchen design, and they can either be hugely beneficial to your organizational abilities and dinnertime efficiency or they can be, well the exact opposite. Custom cabinetry is made by skilled cabinet makers, not in a factory or on an assembly line, thus ensuring you get the quality and attention to detail that you pay for. Various pieces are beautifully jointed, drawer slides are smooth and whisper-quiet, and everything from the finish of the wood to installation height is personalized just for you.

Ready to upgrade your cabinetry?

Opt for custom designs and finally bring your dream kitchen to life. For a complimentary consultation, call Architectural Kitchen Designs, Stratford, CT’s top-rated custom cabinetry team, at 203.378.6911.

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