Quality home additions

Quality home additions such as sunrooms, living space remodels, garage remodels & basement remodels in new haven county & fairfield county, CT since 1975

Since 1975, Architectural Kitchen Designs has been providing quality remodeling projects and additions such as sunrooms, garages, living spaces and basements in and around Fairfield County and New Haven County, Connecticut (CT). Learn more about our home and business additions and schedule your complimentary remodeling estimate today!

Sunroom Additions & Remodeling Projects

Sunrooms are a great way to convert seldom used spaces in your home into a frequented living space! Mudrooms and decks are often considered for sunrooms, however, you can even add sunrooms without converting an existing space. You’ll find your family and friends alike will gladly spend time in your beautiful sunroom built by Architectural Kitchen Designs.

Living Space Additions & Remodeling Projects

If you need more living space in your home to comfortably accommodate your family, Architectural Kitchen Designs is ready to help you design and build an extra living space for your home. Oftentimes, larger living areas can be divided to create separate living spaces that can be appreciated individually. Alternatively, unused spaces such as mudrooms and decks can easily be converted into a secondary living space, whether you need another bedroom or a multi-use room.

Garage Additions & Remodeling Projects

If you are considering adding on a garage to your home, Architectural Kitchen Designs can help you design and build a garage that will fit your needs. Oftentimes, families consider adding a garage simply to keep their car protected from the snow during the winter months in Connecticut. However, expanding the space of your planned garage a little gives you the opportunity to add a work bench, storage space, or utility space, freeing up a lot of space in your home!

Basement Remodeling Projects

Need extra and easily-accessible storage space? Attics can be difficult to access and very small. Outdoor storage is great until mice decide to make a home in your storage unit or you need to get to it in the dead of winter. Basements are a great option if you want to be able to have a flexible space in your home. Basements can be used for storage and utility rooms simultaneously, but also converted to a living space should the need arise! Architectural Kitchen Designs can help you design and build a basement that can be flexible to your specific needs of now and in the future.

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