How a guest bathroom can make your household happier

For homeowners, it’s a definite downside when your house is missing a guest bathroom or has one that doesn’t make the best impression. You might not even want to have guests over when it means they’ll have to use your private bathroom or a guest bathroom that’s awkwardly placed.

Some bathrooms are simply set up incorrectly from the start or had ineffective renovations at some point. You may have a bathroom that doesn’t give guests enough room to sit on the toilet. Your bathroom could have a strange extra door, a window that doesn’t afford much privacy or other concerns.

Worst of all, you may not even have an extra bathroom for your guests.

It’s possible to change your situation and create a welcoming guest bathroom. At Architectural Kitchen Designs (AKD) in Stratford, CT, we can create the perfect guest bathroom through a bathroom renovation or addition.

Benefits of a Guest Bathroom

Having a nice guest bathroom can give you a happier household by:

  • Making guests feel welcome
  • Providing a positive impression of your home
  • Keeping your family bathroom(s) and personal spaces private
  • Offering an extra bathroom for your family’s everyday needs
  • Preventing interruptions to your family’s normal bathroom routines

Creating a Guest Bathroom

You have options for creating an inviting bathroom for your guests. Say you don’t currently have a designated bathroom for guests. To change this situation, it’s not as difficult as you might think to add another bathroom to your home. You could even improve the value of your home with this addition.

Alternatively, maybe you already have a bathroom that doesn’t make the best impression or is set up in a way that doesn’t support your needs completely. In this case, you could renovate the bathroom that’s already in place to make it nicer and more functional.

A renovation could change the layout of your bathroom, add a shower to a half bathroom to make the space more suited to overnight guests or provide other useful alterations. You could potentially move the entrance from a bedroom to the hallway. Or instead of making extensive changes, you could focus on improving the look and usefulness with new cabinets, fixtures and other updates that will make a positive impression on your guests.

At Architectural Kitchen Designs (AKD) in Stratford, CT, we offer our expertise to your guest bathroom. Call us at 203.378.6911 for a free consultation on your guest bathroom project. This is your chance to discuss ideas and discover pricing before making any commitment.

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