Can a sunroom raise the value of your home?

There are lots of reasons to renovate your home, a simple desire for different aesthetics and basic needs like space or design efficiency among them, but one of the most important reasons – and a major consideration while deciding on the nuts and bolts of your renovation – is resale value. Whether you’re looking to move right away or just planning for the future, the renovation experts at AKD in Stratford, CT, say that installing a sunroom is a doubly satisfying recipe for happiness now and plenty of profits later.

A story of square footage

The golden rule of real estate – aside from “location, location, location” of course – is that more square footage equals more money. The size of a home is a major factor in how that home is priced, so adding a room can only help your bottom line in that regard. Partner up with a well-respected renovation firm like Architectural Kitchen Designs in Stratford, CT, and you’ll have an experienced guide to help you learn how a simple addition can make your home a much better bet.

The power of perceived valued

Some buyers are by-the-book, literally evaluating potential homes using a checklist of must-have features and relying on inspections to make the ultimate decision. Other buyers are far more aspirational in nature. These are the buyers who are likely to turn the corner, spot a sunroom, and fall in love. A small office won’t appeal to dreamers and a mudroom is only truly useful when it’s raining, but convert those spaces into a sunroom and you have a spot that anyone with an imagination can put themselves in, book and herbal tea (or iPad and glass of wine, depending on the day) in hand.

Possible pitfalls of a new sunroom

Adding a sunroom onto your house can lead to a lot of positive things, but only if you’re smart about the design and features.

  • Contrary to what you might think, sunrooms can still work in colder locales, you just have to be smart about installing energy-efficient windows.
  • In a similar vein, installing a sunroom in a city known for hotter temperatures can quickly turn a cozy hideaway into an uncontrollable hothouse. Make sure you run your HVAC system into your new sunroom and considering adding an overhead fan, too.
  • Work with a contractor. Even if you’re a decent DIYer, joining forces with customer remodeling experts such as Architectural Kitchen Designs takes the guesswork out of renovations so you can concentrate on what really matters: results.

Ready to soak up the sun and absorb a little resale value at the same time? Check out your options with Stratford, CT remodeling company Architectural Kitchen Designs and discover a new sunroom could mean for both your present and your future. For a complimentary consultation, call 203. 378.6911 today!

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