A double vanity can save your marriage!

From throwing accidental elbows while brushing your teeth to trying to keep shaving cream out of your makeup bag, sharing a single sink with your significant other can be fraught with pitfalls. Most of the time this turf war is more friendly competition than an actual problem. However, dealing with beard trimmings and a wandering hair straightener long enough and things might get a little dicey. Luckily, Architectural Kitchen Designs in Stratford has a solution that’s easier than separate living arrangements: a double vanity!

The easy road to efficient mornings

Mornings with a single sink generally go one of two ways: either you and your partner dance around each other and hope you keep collisions to a minimum or you take turns. Both approaches practically guarantee a frantic dash out the door and a breakfast-free start to your day. With two sinks crafted by Stratford’s best remodeling company, you can both attend to your morning routine without interference. A few days of blissful makeup applications and a total lack of competition over the sink basin will be almost as rewarding as finally getting to work on time.

Say “I love you” with more space

Lack of organization can negatively affect both your mood and your schedule, and a messy vanity can be stressful on a relationship too. A double vanity generally means double the space, not just in regards to sinks but also pull-out drawers and cabinetry. With his-and-hers spots for stowing personal items now in the mix, he’ll never have to paw through her pile of lipsticks searching for the batteries to his electric shaver ever again

The resale factor

The road to resale is paved with important decisions. Opting to install a double vanity instead of a single definitely falls into the category of “good ideas.” Most buyers consider the kitchen and the bathroom to be the most important rooms in the house. Since house shoppers will be perusing those areas first, pulling out all the stops to impress people – double vanities included – is what savvy sellers do. As an added bonus, adding a double vanity to your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. There are lots of affordable versions available (or gorgeous custom creations if that’s your preference), and most bathrooms can accommodate a double sink installation without the need to extend plumbing or reconfigure the rest of the furnishings. Enjoy beautiful creations from Architectural Kitchen Designs now and get more money when you move too? That’s a major marriage-saving maneuver right there.

Interested in making an architectural decision that doubles as marriage-saving exercise? At Stratford, CT’s top-rated remodeling company, we help you choose the design elements you’ll be happy with in the long run. Call 203.378.6911 today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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